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Services Provided

Website Design offers many diffrent options for your church, You want fancy? You got it! You want simple? You got it! specializes in creating web designs unique to your church and its needs. Our creative team of designers will use their years of experience and creative minds to custom build your church website.

  • Website design and web programming services designed for each church.
  • Take advantage of our add on features designed to help your church stay in touch with your membership.
  • Website design consists of site layout and graphics design.
  • Web programming consists of generating or modifying the functionality of a website.

Your website design will be as unique as your church.

Remember, a website is only as good as the service it provides. We have a full list of features available for your site.

Features that will help your church communicate online. More and more homes have
computers in them everyday providing the opportunity for you to share information about recent events, coming events, current members and current prayer requests at your church.

Domain Names:
We will also assist in choosing and reserving the right web address, or domain name, for your website. We help manage your domain name so that you don't have to worry about it. Whether it needs to be reserved, renewed or transferred, we will help make the process as simple as possible.

You will be quoted a fair price based on time, resources and talent needed to design and build your custom site. And don't forget, we can help you finance your website as well.

Customers of these services shall be quoted a price based on time, resources and talent needed to complete and maintain a specific project as described by the customer.
*All services shall be provided on a service agreement basis, with a contract.

Website Hosting
This service shall be used mainly for our web design customers as they will need to host their new website with us to make use of the functional features of their site. Website hosting customers shall be billed on a monthly or annual basis and fees will be based on the needs of each hosted website. uses a managed dedicated server for all our customers. This is a safe secure server enviroment to host your church web site.

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