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Payment, Rates and Services

Don't think you can afford a web site? can help your church offset the cost of a web site with our FREE church controlled Sponsorship Directory. This page will give the church the opportunity to accept a donation for a listing on a feature page within the site. The church will be in total control of the page and it's content. Host churches can add and delete sponsors with their own control panel. They can also create header categories, set the amount of the donation if they choose to accept one and length of time it will appear. The church also can control where the donation will be used.

All church web site sponsors are approved by the church and will NOT effect the functionality of your site.
You will have NO BANNER ADS!

Web site Hosting Services
Hosting fees will include web site hosting and monthly recurring charges for features being used on customers site. Hosting fees will be billed monthly and a late fee will be added to any monthly bill more than 60 days late. Any Invoice considered late could result in customers hosting service being deactivated.
Prices for Hosting:
mychurchservers monthly hosting charge is one monthly charge depending on the size package your church signs up for. We have 3 basic packages, but any number of pages can be added or subtracted.

Web site Development Projects
Customers signing a contract for the initial development of their web site or web site redesign will be required to pay 50% of the initial quote up front to begin development. The balance will be due upon completion of any web site design. No web pages will be posted until client corrections and changes are made. If the final payment is not made, the web site cannot be published to the Internet.

Web site Design
Additional page design will be billed on a per page price, or contract price. Please call for prices.

Web site Changes
Under our system your church will be in total control of most page content. Major page changes such as header art, page footer, navigation etc...will be billed at $50 per page.

Domain Name Registration Price $10.00/yr.
We will register your choice for a domain name, in your church name, with your contact information. We will keep track of the expiration and renewal so you don't have to. If your transfer to another host, your domain name is yours to move.

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