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Web Site Features
At mychurchserver we have invested our time and knowledge into the development of web based software to help make your web site communications easy, effective and more efficient for your church staff.

The feature modules (below) that will be available to our client/churches will be made as flexible and customized as possible. A customized control panel will be available on each site developed so that it will enable the client/church to make necessary changes, with easy clear instructions on how each panel works. These panels will allow a church to make it's own content changes whenever necessary with out additional monthly charges for changes.

When you purchase a web site with mychurchserver several of our interactive site features can be set-up free of charge. This will help make your site a more useful and enjoyable information source for your church members.

Events Calendar Feature
Communication is the key to finding and keeping members interested in what your church has to offer. What better way than to have your church calendar online 24 hours a day and always up to date. Keeping members informed is expensive and time consuming, let you church web site help you lower print cost and contact members automatically. See Sample Calendar

Our Monthly Calendar is the feature we feel no church web site should be without. At a glance, church members can find out what is going on in the church each and every day all month long, any time they like, from anywhere. You can list bible study times, women groups, meetings, special services and much more.

This Calendar will also send an email to a members personal email at work or home
so members won't forget that special church function.

List every event in your church so members can plan to attend today!
In the long run this feature could save you money on printing and mailing a monthly newsletter - See Sample

Special features of the calendar are:

  • Available to members anytime, anywhere
  • Upto the minute capability for changes or additions
  • Complete Church control of content uploaded
  • Pass word protected
  • Op-in email reminder for members
  • Email an event at the push of a button
  • Art and graphics clips for special holidays
  • Reach members any time for pennies a month
  • Reduce printing costs

Sermon Pod Casting
Place your sermon online as a pod cast, your members and non-members can listen and relisten when they choose.

Sermon Archive
Place your written sermon on line each week. Add and delete sermons as you choose.

Email Newsletter feature
Studies show that the more communication a church has with its members the higher church attendance is on any typical church event. Our newsletter feature can greatly increase your member reach to those members and keep them informed of church life such as events, dinners, meetings, births, marriages etc..
Mychurchserver.com can offer a complete online newsletter option sent out to members specific email address at any time interval, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. This feature will allow you to put a professional looking and effective newsletter in front your members any time you like.

Pray Request Feature
Many people can attest to the power of prayer, Studies show that even when people are not aware they are being prayed for they do better than those who are not prayed for. Now you can reach an infinite number of pray givers with this free network of people willing to take pray requests and pray for the needs and well being of others.This is a true testament to Gods ability to touch the lives of people in need. Send a prayer request for someone today and ask for prayer.
See Sample

Page Content Change Feature
This feature will allow your church to make daily up to the minute changes to the pages within its web site with no addititional maintence charge for changes. Using a pre programmed upload manager the church can delete or add whatever they need whenever they need it. And Its simple, with our easy to use admin panel, it only takes a few minutes.

Free - News feed feature
Trying to keep up with the ever changing events of today’s world is always challenging for busy churches. One of our most popular features is to have current Christian related news posted on your site. This is informative tool helps to get viewers to return to your site. You can now choose from a number of Christian news services for your site.-
See Sample

Free - Daily Devotional
Keep people coming to your church site by giving them reasons to do so, make sure you have current up to date information alone with something new each day, such as a daily devotional, posted right on your home page. You can now choose from a number of Christian Daily devotionals to be posted on you site.
See Sample

Free - Sponsorship Directory
One of the features to help churches have a successful and affordable web site is our Sponsorship Directory
feature. In effect it would allow a member, professional or not, to “post” a service on the church web site. This feature is included free of charge in any web package the church might choose.

This would give the church financial support for its online presence if need be.

A listing on the sponsorship page would provide a business with name, phone number, web address and E-mail if they have one. This could be a monthly or yearly donation with a rate decided on by the church. Each church has control over the page and can add or delete listings as necessary. No banner ads or pop ups.
See Sample

Membership Directory
Many churches have a church wide photo membership directory so members can tell who is who. We offer the option of having that membership directory put online with easy access from your web site - Please call for quote.

Free - Links page feature
A good feature to offer church members is a Links page. Some good links might be a Christian newsletter, Christian education material, your faiths home pages, marriage encounter groups, information, upcoming shows about Christian performers, and more mychurchserver.com can provide you with a list of Christian based links, or your church can provide us with the links you select.

Free - Online Donations feature
The online Donation feature would allow a person wishing to make an offering to the church an easy, secure method for doing so. A form can be provided with the site that allows secure Credit Card donations from the church web site. Mychurchserver will assist your church in setting up online donations with a third party vendor such as pay pal, at no charge.

Photo feature
Many churches have multiple events going on at various times, members can't always be at every event, or maybe want a memento of a church function. The solution? Have members that are most likely taking photos anyway upload the pictures to a central site linked into your church web site. From there prints of your events can be viewed and ordered in various sizes. You can also have photos printed on shirts, mugs, and more. Let mychurchserver.com help you link to your churches photo archive. Service, Dot Photo, Ofoto

Other Features Available!
Don't see what you want, call us!

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